Aujourd'hui nous sommes le


In the universe of the maintenance and energy production, terrestrial or embarked, on industrial sites or offshore oil rig, technologies are in perpetual evolutions, just like the needs for the users. Today on a market become world, to develop and innovate are not enough any more, it is also necessary to guarantee the perenniality of the networks, the management of the production equipment and the homogeneity of flows of maintenance.

To propose the reliability is a key concept which guarantees maintains it production targets and the respect of the business-plan. It is also our mission.

Néo2S accompanies everywhere in the world its partners on the technical shutters infrastructures, the consolidation of logistic flows, the requirements in research department, the management of your teams, the deployment and the accompaniment of technology transfer within the major framework of partnership. Your needs are vital, the theater of operation is wide, the natural environment is hostile, the access roads remain to be imagined, all is to be invented… It's a mission for us.

Extremely of an experiment on all the continents, in all the technological fields, on and goshawks of the maintenance of the operational conditions of your infrastructures, we propose a partnership to you or we will implement much more than average materials.

Today our mission integrates also the management of your human resources.

 Your future interests us, build the unit.